NIH Security Training

‚ÄčThe NIH Information Security and Privacy Training site is located at:

NIH Staff who are satisfying an NIH Training requirement must log into the site using their NIH ID.

Members of the public who are interested in taking the NIH Security Awareness training course, or some of our other security and privacy training courses, can enter the site via clicking on the "Enter Here" link in the lower left hand corner text box entitled, "Public Access to NIH Courses."

>NIH Information Security and Privacy Training 
[Note: External NIH contractors who do not have NIH Active Directory accounts, but are required to take certain NIH security and privacy courses per their contract requirements, should use this public access to take their courses.]

Important information to remember about taking courses via the Public Access:

  • NIH does not track completion of these courses.

  • Printing a Certificate of Completion: If a course is taken without interruptions of more than 10 minutes, the system will internally track your progress and allow you to print a certificate at the conclusion of the course.  However, if you start a course and return to complete it at a later point, you will need to restart the course.

  • For security purposes, many of the links found in our courses are not available to the public.

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