Information Security

​​​​​​​To support our unique mission as the world leader in biomedical research, NIH relies on information systems that operate continuously, maintain a high degree of scientific and financial integrity and ensure information is protected from inappropriate disclosure. Research scientists, clinicians, medical and administrative staff each take responsibility and work collaboratively to ensure our data and the computing resources we use are maintained securely.

Internal NIH information security documents are restricted to NIH access. The following two resource pages are available for use by the general public. They can be accessed by clicking on the links located in the left navigation panel.

  1. Visiting contractors and vendors seeking to conduct business with NIH can visit the "Acquisition and Contracting" link for useful information.

  2. NIH is pleased to share our NIH Security Awareness Training Course (including other security and privacy training). Information about the training site is available by clicking on the "NIH Security Training" link.

Please direct any questions, comments, suggestions, or requests for further information to the NIH Information Security Program at or 301-881-9726.

Maureen Falvella
NIH Chief Information Security Officer (Acting) 


Report security incidents within one hour: