How to Use a Smart Card to Log In to Computers and Applications

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What do you want to log into?

The procedures for logging in with your HHS ID Badge smart card and PIN will vary depending on the physical location from which you're logging in and whether you will be accessing special applications.


Your Computer

Logging onto your desktop or laptop will vary depending on your computer's Operating System (e.g., Windows or Mac). Click on your computer's Operating System from the list below for instructions on how to log in.

Other Operating Systems (Citrix, Unix, Linux)


Applications (NIH Login)

Many NIH Web-based applications (e.g., ITAS) use 'NIH Login' to authenticate users. Because NIH Login is Web based, how you log in depends on which browser you're using. Please select from the list of NIH-supported browsers below for instructions on using your smart card for NIH login.


Internet Explorer (IE)

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Remote VPN Login

Virtual Private Network (VPN) remote access is required to remotely log in to the NIH network and to the files stored on the NIH network drives.

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Privileged Administrative Access

Secondary account holders will receive an Alternate Logon Token (ALT), which is a smart card used by system administrators to gain privileged access to NIH computers and information systems.


Information and Assistance

For additional information, search the NIH IT Knowledge Base for tutorials, instruction sheets and user guides or refer to the appropriate How-To Guide.

For questions or user support, please contact the NIH IT Service Desk.