ActivClient PIV Middleware

​ActivClient middleware is smart card software that enables computer applications to talk to the computer chip on the HHS smart card ID badge.

ActivClient is licensed by HHS for use by NIH smart card badge holders. The ActivClient license is per badge, not per computer. You may install ActivClient on any computer where you need to use your smart card for login, digital signatures or encrypted email.

Supported Operating Systems

ActivClient 6.2 supports:

  • Windows XP 32 bit
  • Vista and Windows 7 32 and 64 bit

ActiveClient 6.1 supports:

  • Windows XP 64 bit

ActivClient software is also available for

  • Linux
  • Solaris

Get ActivClient

ActivClient middleware and current hot fixes can be downloaded from the NIH ISDP Website at:

Install ActivClient

See instructions on how to:

You must have system administrative privileges to install or configure ActivClient middleware. If you do not have system administrative privileges, please contact the NIH IT Service Desk to have this software installed on your computer.

Information and Assistance

For additional information, search the NIH IT Knowledge Base for tutorials, instruction sheets and user guides or refer to the appropriate How-To Guide.

For questions or user support, please contact the NIH IT Service Desk.