Training and Certification

​As part of its initiative to promote good IT Project Management practices at NIH, OCIO offers training courses directly related to IT Project Management. The training program includes both EPLC training and a series of introductory and advanced classes in standard project management subject areas (called IT PM Training).

OCIO’s IT PM Training program is open to all NIH federal staff, with priority given to Project Managers identified by the Enterprise Systems Program Managers and the IC CIOs. These IT Project Management training courses can be used to fulfill some of the FAC-P/PM training requirements. These training classes are usually 3 days with the exception of a couple of courses that last for 4 or 5 days.

The Enterprise Performance Life Cycle (EPLC) Training program promotes the adoption of EPLC at NIH by offering training in the EPLC phases. The goal of this training is to introduce the concepts, processes, activities, and deliverables of the Enterprise Performance Life Cycle (EPLC) project management framework.

There are two classes in this series:

  1. Part I provides an overview of all phases, and includes a case study that covers the first three phases of the EPLC Framework - Initiation, Concept, and Planning.

  2. Part II recaps the Part I course, discusses the remaining phases, and includes a case study that covers the Requirements Analysis, Test, and Implementation phases.

The EPLC Overview classes are open to both Federal staff and contractors at NIH. Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Registration for both the IT PM and EPLC Training programs is done via the Technology Training Program website.

If you have questions about OCIO’s IT PM training program please contact: