NIH Governance Groups

​NIH IT priorities are driven by scientific program needs as guided by NIH’s governance and planning processes which include extensive input from key stakeholders through multi-layered advisory structures. The NIH IT governance process has resulted in a high-level, trans-NIH strategic approach to IT management

NIH Steering Committee​

The NIH Steering Committee was established by the NIH Director to provide advice and recommendations on trans-NIH governance issues. Among other things, this includes long-term issues such as strategic planning and budget strategy as well as short-term issues such as resources allocations. The NIH Director makes the final decision on budget allocations based on the advice of the NIH Steering Committee. The NIH Director serves as the Chair of the NIH Steering Committee and appoints IC Directors as members.

NIH IT Budget Advisory Council (ITBAC)​

The ITBAC was established by the NIH Director as a budget advisory group to the NIH Management and Budget Working Group (MBWG), with a focus on centrally funded enterprise systems and IT services. The ITBAC makes budget recommendations and provides advice supporting the MBWG resource allocation recommendations for these investments that are usually short-term and tactical in nature and do not meet the criteria for NIH Enterprise IT Council (EIT) review​​. The Co-Chairs of the ITBAC are the NIH Chief Information Officer and a Deputy IC Director. Members represent the intramural, extramural, and administrative stakeholder communities as well the IC CIO community.​

Information Technology Management Committee (ITMC)

The NIH ITMC is established by the NIH Chief Information Officer (CIO). Composed of the senior IT officials from each IC, the ITMC advises the NIH CIO on IT management and planning and serves as a communication vehicle between the IC and the CIO on IT issues.​

IC Governance Processes

The ICs establish IT governance processes that support IC planning and management of their IT resources as well as meet the requirements of Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) and the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA).​

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