Below are some suggested Section 508-related training courses that the NIH and other Federal agencies currently offer. They are listed by functional area followed by a list that is organized by training source. Additional courses are being developed and will be posted when available. 

Upcoming Section 508 Training courses

By Functional Area


  • HHS Section 508 Training - Phase I (HHS\on-line) – For all HHS staff to provide an introduction to the requirements of Section 508 -- Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) accessibility. Phase I training is required for all Purchase Card holders; all other employees are encouraged to complete this course. (Course: HHS Section 508 Training - Phase I, Course ID: HHS508, or LMS ID: 00009629)

  • Section 508 Electronic and IT Training - Phase II (NIH\classroom) - For NIH supervisors and managers to provide information in requirements for meeting Section 508 accessibility standards. (Prerequisite: Phase I recommended)

  • Section 508 Coordinators (General Services Administration (GSA)\on-line)– For Section 508 Coordinators to provide guidance on organizing their agency Accessibility Team and understanding their role in implementing and evaluating section 508. Also provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of individuals and groups who oversee and ensure Section 508 compliance.


  • Section 508 Training for Purchasing Agents: Purchases, VPATS & POTS (NIH\classroom) – For NIH staff involved with procuring EIT on behalf of NIH and/or tracking procurements through the Purchasing On line Tracking System (POTS), an electronic purchase request submission, approval, and tracking system. Also provides guidance on developing meaningful and useful documentation to support the purchase. use of the BuyAccessible Wizard and Voluntary Procurement Assessment Tool (VPAT) tools and will help purchasing agents to clarify what vendor-provided documentation is valid and who can validate it if there is a question.

  • Section 508: Acquisition Process - Making Sure You Are in Compliance with Section 508 (NIH\classroom) – For NIH staff involved in the acquisition process to provide guidance in reviewing necessary Section 508 language for solicitations, the use of evaluation criteria, and information on accepting deliverables (including whom to contact when questions arise). It also covers the use of GSA's BuyAccessible Wizard as a key tool in the process. In addition, the course should help Contracting Officers and Contracting Officer’s Technical Representatives (CORs/COTRs) to request and evaluate documentation provided by the vendors (during the RFP stage, during contract negotiation, and contract post-ward).


  • Buying Accessible E & IT (GSA\on-line) – For staff involved in initiating an action to develop, maintain, purchase, or use Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) products or services and who needs to know the requirements for accessibility.

  • Buying Accessible Computers (GSA\on-line) – For staff involved in the procurement of desktop and portable computers for their agency. Attendees learn about the technical requirements that computers must meet in order to conform to section 508.

  • Micro-purchases and Section 508 (GSA\on-line) - For staff involved in making purchase card micro-purchases. Attendees gain an overview of the requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and how they apply to micro-purchases.


By Trainer\Component


The CIT ComputerTraining Program provides courses in various IT-related areas including Section 508. Below are some of the Section 508 training that they offer. See their catalog for a current list of training courses and other information.


ASPA/WCD 508 Accenture Scan Training (HHS\online) - For HHS staff who work with Accenture website scanning tool - Accenture Digital Diagnostics Engine.


508 Universe Training Courses


Section 508 Resources


Target Discovery Series​​​​​​


Here’s a listing of more training opportunities. Please note that this list is not meant to be comprehensive.