Section 508 Contacts at NIH

IC Section 508 Coordinators

All NIH Institutes and Centers (ICs) have a Section 508 Coordinator designated by the IC Executive Officer to represent their respective IC in the NIH-wide Section 508 effort. The Coordinator is the liaison to the OCIO on issues involving policy decisions, reporting, and other NIH Section-508 related activities. The Coordinator is also a member of the NIH Section 508 Advisory Group.

NIH Section 508 Advisory Group

Membership of the Advisory Group may consist of up to two representatives from each of the NIH Institutes and Centers (IC), as designated by the IC Executive Officer.  At least one member should also be the Section 508 Coordinator for the IC For the purposes of this advisory group, the NIH offices of Research Services (ORS) and Research Facilities (ORF) are considered to be an “IC.”  The group meets quarterly and provides advice and recommendations to the NIH Section 508 Coordinator on a multitude of Section 508 issues including avenues for implementing Section 508 at NIH.

NIH Section 508 Team

The NIH Section 508 Team provides staff support to the NIH Section 508 Coordinator in the management of the NIH Section 508 Program activities. The team is the NIH-level contact for questions related to NIH policies, procedures, and training opportunities.

You can email the NIH Section 508 Help team at:

Section 508 Contacts – External

HHS Section 508 website:

HHS Accenture support team at
(for IC staff involved with Accenture scans)

Federal (GSA) Section 508 website: